Quantilope Releases Mobile Application for Implicit Market Research

NEW YORK, Jan. 28, 2020/ — A pioneer in automated research technologies, quantilope has launched a mobile application of its fully automated implicit method. Implicit market research unlocks the opportunity to tap into a consumer’s subconscious associations towards a brand, category, product, or idea.

quantilope’s mobile implicit test reveals how strongly consumers associate characteristics and attributes towards a brand, measured by the implicit association strength (IAS). The IAS in percentage shows how frequently an item is deemed to fit with a category (weighted by reaction time).

In the mobile view, participants indicate if a term “fits” or “does not fit” with a category by tapping the left and right areas of their smartphone screen. The mobile application of quantilope’s implicit method will enable brands to reach a wider audience of their target group, particularly the mobile-driven Gen Z cohort.

Example questions of quantilope’s mobile implicit test – 

“quantilope’s technology is designed to make it easy for brands to quickly capture and implement high-quality consumer research into their business decisions,” explained quantilope co-founder Thomas Fandrich. “Developing mobile compatibility for our research methodologies, particularly implicit, aligns with changing consumer behavior patterns in a mobile-driven world. As more and more time is spent on smartphones versus desktops, we’ve made it even easier to get real-time insights directly from the hands of your consumers.”

quantilope is an agile insights platform automating advanced research methodologies including Conjoint, MaxDiff, TURF, Implicit Association Tests, and more. Our end-to-end platform maps the entire market research process from the research question to the questionnaire design, professional panel management, live reporting, in-depth analysis, and data visualization. The average project turnaround time is 1 – 5 business days.

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Source: PR NewsWire