Regalix Nytro Launches TRAINER for Integrated Sales Enablement Solution

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 31, 2020– Regalix, an award-winning technology and services company, today announced the launch of their Nytro Trainer app. The Nytro Trainer app allows companies to virtually onboard, train and coach sales teams remotely and at scale with powerful software and a modern UX.  With the addition of the Trainer app, Nytro has a completely integrated sales enablement platform that delivers sales excellence and sales readiness for startups, mid-market companies and F500 enterprises.

The Nytro Trainer app includes a host of enterprise-grade remote coaching capabilities including:

During these challenging times with the COVID-19 situation, companies are trying to quickly figure out how to effectively train sales reps remotely and keep them engaged and productive,” said Vikas Sharan, CEO at Regalix.  “With the launch of the Nytro Trainer app, companies large and small can quickly adapt and shift their sales strategy leveraging our AI-powered platform to connect, enable, train and coach sales reps that are working from home anywhere in the world, giving them the selling skills and knowledge to close deals faster. Innovation is at the core of what we do at Regalix and we will continue to provide superior products to our customers today and in the future to give them the strategic edge to win an ever-competitive market.”

In addition, the Nytro Sales Enablement Platform allows marketing teams to easily share interactive content with sales teams and empowers sales enablement leaders to create bite-sized content chapters, journeys, playlists and more.  With a powerful content analytics engine, administrators can get actionable insights into which content is working and which content needs to be revised or expired.

Regalix Nytro was recently awarded the 2020 Stevie Gold Award for Best New Sales Enablement Solution.

The world is in grip of COVI-19 for quite sometime now. Due to the rising pandemic cases across the globe, many countries have asked the private sectors to provide “work from home” facility. Staying at home sometimes create problem for the employers, especially if the job requires training. To solve these challenges, Regalix has launched Nytro Trainer app allowing companies virtually onboard, train and coach sales teams remotely and at scale with powerful software. Working on the similar grounds is Panacea Infotech, that offers on-demand services to the people to access services using on-demand apps. Contact us to develop the technology in your rough days.

Source- PR NEWSwires