Roadside Assistance App For Passenger Vehicles Launched By Veccram

HOUSTON, — Veccram ( recently announced that its free, roadside assistance app for small passenger vehicles is now live and available for download from both the Apple and Android app stores. The Veccram app represents the first such service offered to both passenger vehicles and semi/dually trucks simultaneously. After just a single download, Veccram provides free access to fully vetted roadside assistance mechanics, any day or time, giving drivers peace of mind. Veccram currently covers some of the largest cities in the U.S., adding new cities regularly to its ever-expanding service area. Veccram also allows service providers a way to add new income streams to their business, while growing their professional reputations through valuable advertising.

“Breaking down while on a road trip is one of the worst-case scenarios for any supply driver, but it’s especially frightening for drivers of passenger vehicles,” said Veccram President, Ronald Wilson. “No one wants to be stranded, but being stranded in a strange place is the worst. And even with smart phones, it’s not always easy to find the closest mechanics in your area, or be sure that their services are affordable and trustworthy. That’s where Veccram comes in. It’s always available when you need it. We have a continually updated group of service providers to choose from: so, if you ever break down and need help you can trust, trustworthy providers are just a phone call away.”

Veccram: Roadside Assistance for Passenger Vehicles

Perfect for drivers of passenger vehicles, Veccram Roadside Assistance uses a no-Internet, GPS-connectivity. And Veccram was specifically designed to be user friendly:

  1. Drivers download the app to their smartphone, through either Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. In case of a breakdown or need for roadside assistance, drivers simply enable their current location and browse the service providers located near them.
  3. Drivers can contact the nearest service provider of their choice, directly through the app. The provider offers an estimated service-time based on the driver’s specific service requirement. Drivers may accept, or contact another provider.
  4. After a provider is selected, drivers wait for assistance to arrive. And because the providers are always local, total wait-time is guaranteed to be less than one hour – usually no more than 30 minutes.
  5. After receiving mechanical services, drivers pay the provider. Payment can occur through the app, or in-person to the provider.

The Veccram service area is constantly growing, and is currently available in twelve states and dozens of major cities, including Tampa, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburg and others.

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Source: PR Newswire