RoboKiller Identifies New Coronavirus Phone Scams

SOUTH AMBOY, N.J : RoboKiller, the mobile app that eliminates spam calls and texts, announced today it has identified new potentially harmful phone call scams and text message scams related to the Coronavirus pandemic and is advising consumers how they can protect themselves.


Using RoboKiller’s advanced technologies, the app has identified a new phone call scam asking callers to participate in a survey about Coronavirus and its potential impact on the stock market. The robocall prompts callers to “press 1” to be connected at which point they become vulnerable to a potentially dangerous scam. You can hear the scam in its entirety here.


Similarly, RoboKiller has identified a text message scam asking callers if they are prepared for Coronavirus and when and how to use protective masks. The text prompts users to follow a link, which could lead them to a harmful website. You can view the text message scam here.


RoboKiller uses machine learning, audio fingerprinting and other advanced technologies to stop these dangerous scams from ever reaching consumers. RoboKiller warns consumers to take extra precautions to protect themselves:



RoboKiller is one of the top iPhone utility apps in the US, allowing users to immediately block over 1 million telemarketers and robocalls from calling their phones. With over 5 billion robocalls made to US consumers each month, phone spam continues to be the #1 complaint to the FCC, a problem that drives hundreds of thousands of RoboKiller app downloads per month. As the technology is getting upscale, cyber security is getting more robust and in those regards, Apps like Robokiller are saving people from scams. Panacea Infotech offers advanced mobile app development that helps our clients in developing the apps which they are looking for. Our developers are experienced enough in developing all types of mobile apps whether they are on demand apps or the apps that eliminates scam calls or messages.


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