Sertifi Announces Billing for Salesforce CPQ and AppExchange

CHICAGO: Sertifi today announced it has launched Sertifi Billing on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to collect signed quotes in Salesforce CPQ and secure payments through Salesforce Billing in one simple step. Customer payments can be captured online at the time of signing and in a PCI-compliant manner. This helps eliminate a traditional pain point of companies having to chase down payments after a contract or quote is signed.


Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace, empowers companies to sell, service, market and engage in entirely new ways. With more than 5,000 listings, seven million customer installs and 90,000 peer reviews, it is the most comprehensive source of cloud, mobile, social, analytics and artificial intelligence technologies for businesses.


Meanwhile, Sertifi offers an industry-leading Agreement Platform built for businesses that need a more efficient and secure way to manage the full contract process. Sertifi simplifies how businesses send and collect agreements and payments by bringing it all into one secure platform. Sertifi automates business processes, which saves time from performing repetitive tasks, enhances security and PCI compliance, and provides an easy and convenient way to do business. Thousands of businesses around the world use Sertifi to streamline their contracts and payment processes, recognize revenue faster, and increase job efficiency.


Sertifi Billing:


Sertifi Billing integrates its ePayment and eSignature solutions as the bridge between Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing. It enables customers to strengthen their business process for collecting signed quotes and secure payments simultaneously. Sertifi Billing integrates with major payment gateways and processors, tokenizing all major credit cards for fast and secure payments, making the payment setup process easy and convenient.


“With Sertifi Billing, payment delays are now a thing of the past,” said Jessica Talbot, Product Owner, Sertifi. “Companies can collect signed quotes in Salesforce CPQ and secure payments through Salesforce Billing in one simple step; this means no more chasing down payments after a contract or quote is signed.”


“We’re excited to see AppExchange expand with Sertifi Billing. This will open new opportunities for Salesforce Billing customers by providing additional flexibility in the way they accept payments,” said Pascal Yammine, SVP and GM of Salesforce CPQ & Billing.


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