SP Media Group Launches Sister Agency SP DIGITAL

Chicago, December 16, 2019: Since 2010, Chicago-based SP Media Group has produced winning TV ads for hundreds of Democratic and progressive candidates across the country and up and down the ballot. Terrie Pickerill, founding partner at SP Media Group, and Jaclyn Laske, former Digital Services Director at Chicago’s Liquidus Marketing, have teamed up to form an exciting new women-owned venture to provide strategy and comprehensive digital services to candidates and businesses looking to make an impact online.

By combining decades of experience in winning elections and creating award-winning television ads, with cutting-edge digital media services, SP DIGITAL will create highly impactful and highly integrated multimedia campaigns for clients. With in-house editing and buying expertise, clients will experience new levels of coordinated communication programing to target and win-over new audiences.

Pickerill and Laske are joined at SP DIGITAL GROUP by SP Media Principal Ken Snyder and CEO of Liquidus Marketing Todd Holmes to form a one-stop-shop that vertically integrates proven campaign strategies and cutting-edge creative, dynamic online ad technologies and online buying expertise. Clients will use SP DIGITAL to acquire small donors, build email lists, create web and social media sites and produce innovative persuasion pre-roll videos. Corporate clients will use SP DIGITAL to customize branding and marketing solutions and personalize ad content to meet business goals.

“I’ve spent my entire career working on campaigns for US Senate, Governor and President of the United States, and dozens of down ballot clients. Helping candidates realize their dreams of public service has been a decades long passion for me. I am thrilled to join up with Jaclyn Laske, who brings the same passion to providing online services to clients,” said Terrie Pickerill.

“Whether, you are running for office, running a small business or a big corporation, you cannot succeed without deploying the latest digital technologies and creating a dynamic online presence. Our new venture, SP DIGITAL GROUP, will offer offers a personalized experience to expand their digital footprint,” said Jaclyn Laske.

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