Telecom Giant ZTE Corp to Drive 5G to Initiate Sustainable Growth

SHENZHEN, China: ZTE Corporation, a leading international provider of modern mobile devices and other telecommunications solutions, is focusing on the upcoming 5G era and is actively working on digital transformation.

More than 50 network operators worldwide announced the commercial launch of 5G in 2019. At that time, a total of more than 200,000 new sub-6 GHz base stations were put into operation in the 5G network. However, the development of the infrastructure for successful 5G commercialization is still in its infancy. Large-scale construction is currently only carried out in China, South Korea, the USA, some countries in Europe and the Middle East. In China, more than 500,000 5G base stations are expected to be built in 2020, which will advance global 5G deployment. To help 5G technology break through, various hurdles must be overcome. For example, the spatial density of the base stations must be increased even further. The network operators not only strive for a return, but want to create a collaborative ecosystem so that all branches of industry can benefit from 5G innovations.

ZTE: the driving force in the 5G age

Ten years ago, 4G gained commercial acceptance worldwide. Technical progress and new innovations have helped 4G. The same will happen with the commercialization of 5G. In the age of cloud computing, 5G will be the driving force for, for example, decentralized and synchronized real-time video services. In collaboration with market leaders from various industries, ZTE is committed to driving the development of vertical industries through 5G. Among other things, ZTE wants to provide all partners with the tools they need to use core technologies such as Cloud XR, AI, intelligent networking, very precise location and certain security mechanisms for industrial applications. ZTE’s NewStart operating system is such a tool that is already used in numerous key industries and has sold more than 200 million copies worldwide. In future, databases that meet the requirements of the 5G era will also be important. GoldenDB can serve as a reference model for innovative database applications. ZTE’s decentralized database is already connected to the credit card systems of several major banks and helps customers to process transactions smoothly at peak times.

5G smartphones

The commercialization of 5G will reach the smartphone market more and more in the future and assert itself there. In February 2019, ZTE presented the Axon 10 Pro 5G, the first 5G smartphone from China. By the end of 2019, five million 5G smartphones had been sold worldwide. This corresponds to 0.15 percent of all smartphones delivered worldwide. In the first quarter of 2020, ZTE plans to launch several next-generation multimodal 5G multi-frequency smartphones, such as the Axon 11. As expected, the cheapest 5G smartphones from ZTE will be available for $ 300 by the end of 2020. With the greater reach of the 5G networks, international network operators forecast that the number of 5G devices worldwide will increase to 160 million by the end of 2020.

“It is important that the new innovations in the 5G age meet expectations, because this favors commercialization. ZTE recognized this early on and offers a suitable basis for new innovations with its products, “said Wang Xiyu, Chief Technology Officer at ZTE.

ZTE is a provider of modern telecommunication systems, mobile devices and network solutions for end users, network operators, companies and users in the public sector. The company offers its customers integrated end-to-end innovations and delivers excellent services with added value for the increasingly converging sectors of telecommunications and information technology. In the tech-driven days of sustainable growth, 5G will prove to be one of the most revolutionary things in speeding up the entire business processes. Panacea Infotech offers end-to-end mobility solutions that are advanced as per the ongoing tech-trend as well as are ready for future tech transformations. This helps our clients to stay competitive in this digital age.

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