To Fight Covid-19 Crisis, Veritas Launches Telemedicine Solution

LYNCHBURG, Veritas Health Solutions (“Veritas Health”), a brand of InService Marketing Group which offers discount plans managed and administered by VantageAmerica Solutions, today announces the details of its telemedicine program. Positioned to be the most comprehensive telemedicine offering available, the Veritas Telemedicine program includes 24/7 call-a-doc, $10,000 life insurance, TruScript prescription plan, Trupoint Tax Service, TravNow and discounts on prescriptions, vision services, hearing services and more.

Our company has been working in the medical profession for the last 25 years providing services for health care services such as telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, medical transportation, clinical testing, medical specialty care,” stated Veritas Health Solutions founder and CEO Carl Townsend. “We provide these services to hospitals, Primary care physicians, medical clinics and medical associations. We are having an explosion in the treatment of patients throughout the United States for chronically care patients and with the current virus issues.”

Telemedicine is the future of your doctor coming into your home for your family’s care.  It can be done virtually through your computer, tablet or smartphone. As opposed to traditional doctor appointments and hospital visits, it guarantees sooner care without the typical risks.  The Veritas Telemedicine program is designed to be the Vanguard of the telemedicine industry. Paired with life insurance and a myriad of other membership benefits, it offers the most robust, comprehensive solution for immediate health care in the comfort of your own home.

Within typically 10 minutes, applicants will be talking to a healthcare provider and on their way to receiving necessary prescriptions without being required to visit a room with sick individuals as often is the case with your localized doctor’s office, emergency clinic and emergency room.

Call centers of healthcare professionals are standing by. Once enrolment is completed, new members can immediately begin to use all services. Notably, there are no co-pays required with this program.

For only $19.99 per month, an entire family can receive the following benefits once enrolled:

$10,000 Life insurance for the Primary

24/7/365 Telemedicine with a Healthcare Professional

Prescription Discounts

Over 200 Maintenance Medications for FREE

Discount Hearing Solutions

Discount Travel Options

Discount Vision Services

Telemedicine is the new trend in the healthcare segment. As self-distancing and contactless treatment is the only prevention one can follow amid the outbreak of Coronavirus, Telemedicine fits perfectly in the whole scenario.

Panacea Infotech, being tech provider in mobile app development and software services can assist healthcare providers with telemedicine app development to help diminish the doctor to patient ratio through digital medium.

Source: GlobalNewsWire