Toodls Apps to Help Users Deal with Isolation from Quarantining

SEATTLE: A study released last month shows that loneliness is at “epidemic levels,” with three of every five Americans reporting they are lonely – the highest level ever recorded. The inventors of the new app, Toodls, have set out to help reverse that as ongoing COVID-19 quarantining threatens to make the already severe problem, even more so.


Launched last week, Toodls helps users to connect through common interests via virtual events. The activity options can include two or more participants and include live streaming concerts, cooking classes, yoga, tutoring, and others. The app will expand to its original intent of an in-person focus as the country’s restart rolls out.


With Toodls, users can form their own private groups, join or form public groups, and host or attend scheduled activities with like-minded individuals. The app can be downloaded for free and is available for iOS or Google Play.


“We had been working on an app for connecting people who are looking to make in-person social connections or explore dating relationships, but the fallout from Coronavirus and newly released stats regarding the rate of loneliness, made us expand our approach and speed up the introduction of a virtual component,” said Mahesh Hinduja, co-founder, Toodls. “The stress and anxiety of these crazy times have made socializing – even though it’s from a distance – more important than ever. And because the return to normal may take weeks or months, we wanted to do our part to help people feel less isolated.”


Security and privacy are also of the utmost priority on Toodls, and no personal information is disclosed to third parties or other users of the app. Likewise, there is no data selling or advertisements to disrupt the user experience.


The app offers a free plan and a membership plan that costs $9.99 annually. Both include the ability to join and create unlimited events, attend virtual events and in-person activities, receive notifications, and invite family and friends. The paid level also allows for the creation of private and public groups, chats, and adding and viewing photos.


“While we wait for social distancing to end, we still need to connect with others, so we feel the sense of connection that is essential to any human’s overall wellness,” Hinduja added. “We hope that Toodls will fill the current void and that virtual relationships will lead to in-person relationships down the road.”


In this Pandemic time when everyone is following the rules of social distancing and are home quarantine, apps like Toodls are making user connect with the people who have common interest. Such innovative ideas are making the life of people living in home, easy. Panacea Infotech appreciates such app service ideas and offers mobile app development so that our clients can turn their innovative ideas into reality.


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Source: PR Newswire