Transport application designed in Teresina prepares national expansion

TERESINA, Brazil , February 10, 2020 / PRNewswire / – IDC research with Brazilians and Mexicans found that 75% of users of urban mobility applications use the resource for security purposes. Therefore, apps for this purpose should ensure the comfort of all users, whether through inspection or implementation of resources. The MobDrive understands user needs above all, which made the application to be popularized in Teresina-PI. With 1 year and 3 months of operation, the application already has the potential to expand throughout the country by the middle of the second half of 2020.

The user is insured in several ways. For the nephrologist and founder of MobDrive, Digeorgio Martins, “we know how the market works, what our client wants, how he wants to be served and what price he can pay”. As for security, MobDrive brings Mob Woman, which exclusively serves the female audience . In addition, there is also a panic button for cases of emergency or distrust.

The urban mobility application has other advantages. In addition to the mototaxi option, Digeorgio highlights “an optimization of costs to offer a fee to our driving partners that is half the value practiced by our competitors”. The application’s goal is “to serve a large number of passengers with a fast, uncomplicated solution, with great quality, efficiency and a low price”, he adds.

Today, MobDrive has about 8 thousand registered drivers and more than 10 thousand installations. The forecast is that this number will grow exponentially due to the expansion of the application. In addition to reaching all of Brazil , the app has expectations of becoming international in 2021, reaching cities like Buenos Aires , Santiago , Asunción and Montevideo . The app’s ambition also targets the European and American market.

MobDrive’s capacity for growth is due to the relentless pursuit of innovation, as “companies that work in this market have to keep in mind that innovation is the great driving force. Without innovating, the market is not conquered”, according to Digeorgio. For this reason, there was a lot of caution when choosing the application development partner, as Digeorgio is demanding about “the speed and changes to keep up with the evolution of the demands that the market demands”. Thus, the software house chosen was Usemobile.

Founded in 2015 in Ouro Preto , the application factory has already been involved in more than 80 projects. Although he is a specialist in urban mobility apps, other types of services are also offered by the company, as well as IT outsourcing . That is, it has the know-how to keep up with the great demands of applications. It is possible to collaborate in the development of projects such as MobDrive by applying for iOS, Android and Full-stack developer positions.

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Source: PR Newswire