TruckPay Gets Patent For Cloud-Based Scale Management System

TruckPay, Inc. is proud to announce it has been awarded a patent for its MyTruckScales product, the first NTEP certified mobile and cloud-based truck scale management system. MyTruckScales enables truck drivers to receive weighment tickets on their smartphones or tablets, while staying safely in the comfort of their trucks.

E-Tickets are automatically emailed to the driver, scale owners and customers to confirm the weighments and for electronic payment processing. You can download it from the Apple App Store, get it on Google Play, or learn more on

MyTruckScales eliminates paper tickets and replaces physical kiosks, printers, and scale-house servers, saving scale owners thousands of dollars in capital expenditures and maintenance costs.

MyTruckScales also reduces the time trucks stand in line, decreasing fuel emissions and making the whole E-weighment process environmentally friendly. Weighment data and analytics are safely stored in the cloud and are securely accessible to users from anywhere.

This new patented technology enables the freight, aggregates, material supply, recycling, landfill, scrap metal, and demolition industries to improve operational efficiency, increase profits, and greatly improve safety.

TruckPay’s CEO and President, Barry Honig said, “We are incredibly proud to have received a patent for MyTruckScales, as it is a win-win for everyone. In this time of the Coronavirus, we could not be happier to relieve drivers from the risk of touching kiosks and other commonly used surfaces at scale houses and eliminating the need to pass paper tickets to scale-house attendants and to customers. Reducing the chance of spreading the virus couldn’t be more important. MyTruckScales is really an essential tool for companies that want to create safe work areas for their customers, drivers and for their employees.”

TruckPay’s CTO, Benjamin Honig said, “We are super excited that the USPTO recognized our unique technology, that allows non-technical people the capability to create virtual kiosks that are customized to meet their customers’ needs.  It is even more gratifying to know we can do our part to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus,” Barry said, “This patent, combined with our NTEP certification, cements MyTruckScales as the most advanced truck scale management system in the industry!”

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SourcePR Newswire