Unisys Reveals Clearpath Solutions Upgrades For Digital Transformation

BLUE BELL, Pa., – Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced automation enhancements to its ClearPath Forward® ePortal and ClearPath® Application Integration Services software solutions that boost organizations’ ability to further the digital transformation of their business and the supporting IT infrastructure.

The enhancements in the new ePortal version 10.0 – available for both the ClearPath MCP and OS 2200 environments – include full automation to facilitate development of applications without line-by-line coding. Those applications can call on both internal and external business processes to help create an enterprise-wide application ecosystem.

The enhancements in ePortal 10.0 and in Application Integration Services (AIS) Release 5.0 enable users to implement new application environments that rely on easily integrated microservices. They can change and augment applications in real time, without having to halt or recompile business-critical programs.

For example, a state government could implement an unemployment-insurance-claim application as a microservice on its web site. Also, a financial institution could add a personal-banking application to its customer-service site. In both cases, the production applications could access transaction records and databases residing in the ClearPath MCP or OS 2200 system of record without altering that back-end environment.

“The current COVID-19 crisis starkly demonstrates the limitations of traditional, monolithic application environments,” said Vishal Gupta, senior vice president, Products and Platforms and chief technology officer, Unisys. “Many organizations are scrambling to find software developers adept at older programming languages just to maintain legacy applications – let alone build modern ones. Those organizations need access to agile, modern application development tools and services to keep up in an environment where the well-being of people and businesses can literally be at stake. Our enhanced ePortal and Application Integration Services solutions can help them weather crises and set up their IT environments for long-term agility and success.”

Both ePortal and Application Integration Services leverage capabilities of Microsoft® VisualStudio®, so developers familiar with contemporary tools can easily program in the ClearPath Forward environment.

Other key features of ePortal 10.0 include Outbound Web Service Communication − which makes it easier for applications created through ePortal and legacy applications written in older languages to interoperate − and an enhanced user interface for the ePortal Manager Website. This feature enhances the user experience and enables improved role management, authorization and user feedback on long-running processes.

AIS Release 5.0 includes enhancements that advance the solution’s primary purpose: to enable development of distributed applications for the ClearPath and Microsoft® Windows® environments. Dynamic IP configuration in the new release eliminates manual tasks and facilitates seamless interaction between ClearPath Forward applications using Unisys Data Exchange cross-platform data-integration software and applications in the Windows environment.

Both Unisys software products benefit from the unmatched security of the ClearPath Forward environment – the only one on the market from which data has never been forcibly extracted. The new ePortal 10.0 provides further enhanced security. It supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections, providing a mechanism to encrypt data between ePortal applications and those using Unisys Agile Business Suite (AB Suite®) model-driven development environment.

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Source: PR Newswire