University Health System Launches Gozio Health COVID-19 Fast Track Solution

SAN ANTONIO, April 30, 2020– Patients of University Health System now have access to a full-featured mobile app that meets the critical communications demands of the COVID-19 crisis. Developed in collaboration with Gozio Health, the platform allows University Health to deliver real time push notifications directly to smartphones and gives patients immediate access to virtual triage, real time notifications, navigation to locations and more. Download the app for free by searching for “University Health System Go” on the Apple App store, or the Google Play store.

“During this pandemic, real time mobile communications are essential to the health and safety of our community,” said Selene Mejia, University Health System digital marketing manager. “With this platform, we can reach patients with the resource they are consulting the most during this crisis – their smartphones. It allows us to manage our patient flow and streamline resources and gives patients fast access to health screeners, and connection to health professionals if needed.”

“We rolled out our COVID-19 Fast Track solution because hospitals need dynamic, reliable mobile communications now,” says Joshua Titus, CEO and founder Gozio Health. “Leveraging our existing extensible platform, Gozio is able to turn around a mobile app that delivers push notifications, chat bots, virtual triage, access to telehealth, navigation to testing sites and more in a matter of days. We make implementation for hospitals as easy as possible to get essential mobile communications in the hands of patients as soon as possible.”

Leading healthcare systems are adopting digital front door platforms to provide an anytime, anywhere connection to patients. Gozio’s Fast Track solution is a focused version of their extensible digital front door platform that can be quickly deployed for healthcare systems to respond immediately to the communication and operational challenges posed by COVID-19. Once hospitals have launched Gozio’s COVID-19 Fast Track solution, they can build out the platform to include appointment scheduling, physician directories, electronic medical records, and indoor navigation featuring locations of doctors’ offices, cafes, pharmacies and the closest restrooms.

The virus’s symptoms are not very well known to people, and its testing started very late, thus making infected people unknowingly communicated the virus to another person. This called for a technological intervention where the mobile platform enables virtual triage, real time notifications, and navigation to points of testing and car. Therefore, University Health System launched a fast-tracking location so that it’s easier to connect with patients. Likewise, Panacea Infotech is a leading solution providing company that is giving tele-medicine and healthcare apps. It enables people to access it online using on-demand apps. Collaborate with us to develop on-demand solutions in these critical times.


Source- PR Newswire