Uptime Institute Awarded for Sustainable Data Centers

Seattle, November 27, 2019: Uptime Institute today announced the inclusion of Christopher Brown, Uptime Institute’s CTO, to Data Economy’s Climate 50 Global List of people leading the data center and cloud sectors towards renewable energy, sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint through innovation, business acumen and industry reach. These individuals were selected based on range of credentials, experience, expertise along with overall footprint and achievements.

“For more than two decades, Uptime Institute has been helping those building digital infrastructures understand what it takes to build and operate structures that perform as required by the business over a wide range of normal operating conditions,” Christopher Brown, Chief Technical Officer, Uptime Institute. “Long before the term said ‘climate change’ became part of everyone’s daily vernacular, we’ve been advising our clients on what ‘normal’ means in their own environment. Over the course of working with thousands of clients around the world we’ve seen the definition of normal extended in all directions and we help our clients plan for their own ‘new normal’.”

Uptime Institute has a long-held commitment to working with its clients to meet their business challenges while at the same time embracing and encouraging the use of renewable and alternative technologies, while ensuring the overall business goal of no impact to data center availability. Uptime Institute’s results-oriented approaches enable owners and operators to deliver their required infrastructure performance in a way that is better for their own needs as well as the environment.

Uptime Institute offers a full range of design and operational assessment and performance assurance services. These services were designed to support business performance goals based upon expected ‘normal’ operating conditions. These services are results-oriented rather than prescriptive, encouraging innovative and sustainable designs along with highly efficient operational planning. Uptime Institute’s clients take advantage of these approaches including the use of renewable energy sources, efficiencies in energy consumption, reduction of carbon emissions, increasing utilization across servers, waste reduction and more.

Uptime Institute’s design, build and operation of data centers for customers’ digital infrastructure is known for working across a wide array of operating conditions. Like Uptime Institute, Katalyst Technologies, the parent company of Panacea Infotech helps organizations optimize critical IT assets while managing costs, resources and efficiency offering reliability and efficiency to its clients. Connect with our technology experts to enable your digital transformation and business success.