WebSafety Announces Launch of the DriveSafety App

LAS VEGAS, March 30, 2020 — WebSafety, Inc. (www.websafety.com) (OTCMarkets: WBSI) today announced that the DriveSafety app will launch for sale on Friday, April 3, 2020. The DriveSafety app may only be downloaded from the www.drivesafetyapp.com website. The exclusive and proprietor DriveSafety app is built constructed on eight technology patents.

Mr. Rowland Day, the CEO and founder of WebSafety stated: “Based upon the positive steps for the Nation’s health and the returning confidence in the economy, we feel that this is the right time to launch the DriveSafety app. The DriveSafety app will launch this Friday, April 3, 2020 and may be downloaded from the www.drivesafetyapp.com website.”

“DriveSafety is the complete solution to stop the addictive habit of distracted driving. We are grateful to have the patented solution to stop the deaths, injuries, and property damage that are taking place on the roads and highways everyday.”

“The DriveSafety app creates a safer driving experience for those in the car and on the roads and highways. The death and injuries that are caused by texting while driving and other driving distractions are needless.”

As the number of accidents are alarming in creasing it was essential for a leading firm to take a step and offer solutions that will help sin controlling them. WebSafety is the leading example who is launching DriveSafety app that will cater the safer driving experiences and stop the addictive habits of distractive driving. Similarly, Panacea Infotech is doing exceptionally well in offering on-demand services to the people to access services using on-demand apps. Contact us to develop the technology in the tough times.


Source- PR NEWSwire