Wellness BackPack, LLC., Announces System Beta Testing in Preparation for Fall 2020

LANCASTER, Pa., May 5, 2020– Wellness BackPack LLC, America’s “rapid-response” mobile app software company is commencing GPS beacon technologies beta testing in several school systems to evaluate its mental health and wellness services, as well as validate its emergency campus crisis response capabilities. In anticipation of dramatically increasing coronavirus-generated mental health and wellness challenges on U.S. public and private high school campuses, Wellness BackPack (WBP) is accelerating its launch window to Q3 2020.

Key Campus Facts:

The Wellness BackPack mobile app was built to directly handle both everyday student concerns involving mental health and wellness services – bullying, self-harm, and anxiety ­– as well as emergency crisis situations on campus.

Wellness BackPack provides cost-effective and essential rapid communications services using beacon and GPS technologies for students, administrators, and front-line responders across the entire campus or school district footprint.  Each school has a unique set of secure cloud servers hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest web-hosting system in the world.

Wellness BackPack CFO/CTO and Founder David Cooper said, “The Wellness BackPack communications system works like a “911” call. It immediately directs the appropriate in-school “First Aiders” to reply and respond to students via school-defined protocols to notify staff and escalate reports based on severity.”

President and Founder Barbara Grimm said, “Wellness BackPack has developed a rapid response system to establish campus communications protocols, which is tuned to students calling out for help; to create staffing efficiencies; and enable rapid response to a wide variety of campus situations. As mobile devices and tablets are being issued by schools, the multi-functioning WBP app system was developed to serve students, staff, and first aiders operating through the school’s extent Wi-Fi and is enabled by inexpensive on-campus beacons. We are testing WBP with several public and private campuses.”

Since students are not able to attend classes, they are sitting at home and indulging in self-studies. This may also hamper their mental well-being, and they might succumb to depression and loneliness. To counter the emotional vulnerability among students, Wellness BackPack, LLC has decided to launch and test the app in several school systems to evaluate its mental health and wellness services.  Similarly, Panacea Infotech is an expert in providing on-demand apps, that people can access online. Collaborate with us to develop on-demand solutions in these critical times.

Source- PR Newswire