Wise Therapeutics Launches Personal Zen Stress Combating App

NEW YORK: Today Wise Therapeutics (Wise), a newly formed digital therapeutics company, launched its flagship product, Personal Zen, to assist in combating stress and anxiety. Wise is dedicated to making highly accessible, evidence-based interventions for a broad range of behavioral health problems. Personal Zen embeds a scientifically validated brain-training exercise in an engaging mobile format that effectively reduces stress and anxiety. They are offering new users a 6-month free subscription to help alleviate stress and anxiety related to the current COVID-19 crisis.


The company is co-founded by Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary and Raj Amin. Dr. Dennis-Tiwary, CEO, is a leading expert on stress and anxiety and is among the very few focusing on clinically validated digital therapeutics. She is the Co-Executive Director of the Center for Health Technology at Hunter College and conducts NIH-funded research on the impact of technology on social-emotional health. Wise Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Raj Amin, is a successful entrepreneur and health tech leader, and is Founding Partner of Teem Ventures, a NYC-based product and venture studio.


“We believe digital therapies for pervasive behavioral health issues, like stress and anxiety, should be easy to use and more accessible,” says Dr. Dennis-Tiwary. “In the current crisis, combatting stress in safe and effective ways is key to protecting our immune systems while also pursuing mental well-being.”


Personal Zen is a ‘micro-intervention’ for the 40 million people currently struggling with stress and anxiety each year. Using Personal Zen just a few minutes a day, several days a week helps reduce stress and anxiety and builds stress resilience over time.


“Low access to treatment, high cost of treatments, and stigma often result in less diagnosis, limited early intervention and higher expenses for mental health in today’s healthcare system,” says Raj Amin, co-founder of Wise Therapeutics. “It’s our mission at Wise to put science-backed innovative treatments in the palm of your hand and fit these tools into people’s lives.”


The Personal Zen app employs a cognitive bias modification technique that has been clinically validated through randomized clinical trials. Personal Zen has a straightforward guided tutorial with comprehensive instructions and goal setting to optimize the benefit for each person. Beautiful imagery dynamically colorizes during play, and relaxing music accompanies you through each session. The Personal Zen app is available now with a 6-month free trial period, then with introductory pricing for $1.99 monthly or $12.99 annually. Visit personalzen.com to learn more about the app or download it from the Apple App Store. Android coming soon.

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Source: PR Newswire