Worksafe App Launched By SysAid To Curb Covid-19 Spread

BOSTON, —  SysAid, a leading provider of IT and enterprise service management solutions, today launched its Worksafe app, which helps organizations comply with new health and social distancing regulations meant to keep employees safe at work. As offices, stores, and factories reopen, Worksafe app makes it easy for employees to self-report their location and health status daily, while automatically alerting management to potential exposure at work. In addition, the Worksafe app automatically locks the accounts of employees who forget to self-report or who present symptoms while in the workplace.

In recent weeks, governments have instituted daily public health reporting requirements aimed at protecting workers and preventing future outbreaks of COVID-19. Complying with this requirement and recording a clear audit trail can be an onerous task. Managers have found themselves conducting health checks via email, SMS, shared spreadsheets, and even paper forms. These approaches are difficult to enforce and can place a major burden on employees and managers alike.

Worksafe app solves these problems by enabling employees to easily self-report their health status online. Using their smartphone or computer, employees enter information about their location, symptoms (e.g., fever or cough), and contact with individuals confirmed to have contracted coronavirus. The check-in takes only a few seconds, and SysAid automatically aggregates the data for reporting and analysis.

Unlike a conventional form, though, Worksafe app enhances safety with automations. Three pre-built automations ensure compliance and a swift response to any potential outbreak:

  1. If an employee doesn’t submit the Worksafe check-in by a time set by the organization, SysAid locks the employee out of their user account using Automate Joe, SysAid’s built-in service orchestration engine. Employees can easily unlock their account via SysAid’s self-service portal and submit the Worksafe check-in without needing IT to intervene.
  2. If an employee is working from home and either reports positive symptoms or exposure to a COVID-19 carrier, Worksafe app automatically notifies the employee’s manager.
  3. If an employee is in the workplace and reports either positive symptoms or exposure to a COVID-19 carrier, Worksafe app can automatically lock down their account, notify the employee’s manager, and escalate the case to the team responsible for handling these situations.

With Worksafe app, organizations will be able to monitor changes over time and address isolated cases before they produce new outbreaks. Worksafe app can be customized for different reporting regulations, and with SysAid’s automatic email rules, organizations can send employees a daily email reminder to complete the check-in.

“We needed a fast, reliable way to monitor the health of our team, so we initially developed Worksafe app for our own use,” said Sarah Lahav, CEO of SysAid. “The app worked brilliantly, gave us peace of mind, and spared us from manually collecting and aggregating health check-ins. This app can help other organizations safely reopen their workplaces while preventing COVID-19 outbreaks.”

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Source: PR Newswire