As the on-demand app is at its peak, in mobile, shoppers are now approaching online shopping for everything, which includes food, products, medicine, and grocery.

Among all this, online grocery delivery is the least-squares segment. But it is the fastest-growing online category. Everyone is looking forward for on-demand grocery app development, so that they can reap the benefits of growth with it.

This is fourth blog in series that talks about features that on-demand grocery apps must have to win like the retailers we mentioned in our previous blog on top grocery apps and services and their features.

Many prominent multinational retail corporations such as Walmart and Amazon are expanding their grocery deliveries to cities around the world and also helping the people across the globe in delivering the products in between the COVID-19 outbreak, where the pandemic is at peaks in the world as a whole.

While people will take time to shift from online shopping to physical brick and mortar store visits, retailers are leaving no stone unturned to go online and create their virtual grocery delivery market.

Features of on-demand grocery app development are as follows:

  • Product Listing:

This is the core of every grocery app development. Proper care needs to be taken for separating the grocery products and sub-products as it is a seamless shopping experience for the end-users. The product must come with a detailed description as the customers should get valuable information out of it. It is possible to add nutritional value of every product and consumers can access it once they choose to read it.

  • Easy to sign-up:

The entire process of registration should be simple and user friendly. Registration via social media login is quite popular these days. This facility must be there with the sign-up process. Other options are via email ID and mobile number. When logged in via social media, the possibilities for sharing any offer make it a good advertisement for a grocery delivery app.

  • Quick Shopping list:

After the search, if the customer does not want to purchase the product and want to save it for the future purchase, a quick list in the grocery mobile app development process will initiate them in this regard. Here, the customer can keep the products for the future. This feature can come up with various favorite lists like the scanned barcode list, reminder list, etc. Also, voice search is an interesting feature under which user can search products on app by giving voice commands.

  • Tracking of order:

GPS real-time tracking is an essential feature in the grocery app development process that enables the end-users to track their order delivery. From dispatch to estimated delivery time, the real tracking helps end-users to know the status of the order.

  • Scheduling the delivery:

This allows end-users to schedule their delivery time in advance according to their convenience. Customers can choose the delivery date for their order at the time of making the payment. Grocery mobile app development may include estimated delivery times to inform customers.

  • Discount Coupons:

Customers always look for discounts and offers. Here, the development of the grocery mobile application includes features that will entice customers to buy more. They realize that the coupon will give him good savings on his grocery bill. The discount is not necessarily higher. But it should be attractive enough to the customer.

  • Membership:

Various on-demand apps offer premium membership, and they offer multiple benefits such as free delivery, offers to members only, etc. This will entice customers towards your grocery application as they think they are getting a good deal. The annual membership fee will be beneficial for the customer as well as you.

  • Personalized product offering:

With the help of modern technologies like Artificial intelligence, you can offer personalized products as per the customer’s taste and behavior. With the modern-day approach, you can add value to your customers in terms of what they like and what they don’t. Through the AI-powered app, you can showcase that product which your customers want. This is one of the advance features that can help you to provide the best service to your customers.

The success of the grocery delivery app depends upon numerous factors. Out of these, the on-demand grocery delivery app should be highly innovative, unique, and offer an enriching experience to the end-users. Panacea Infotech is a leading mobile app development company offering advanced and ready-made on-demand grocery delivery app as per the clients’ requirement that can be deployed within a week’s time.

Tune in for next blog in the series.

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