As the power of mobile rises in every business segment, the inclination of almost every company is to stay on those top ranked searches for better exposure of their business. Companies in logistics and transportation are going through a digitally backed shift in transportation. This shift is also a challenge to for the companies owing to change in customers, shareholders, and competitors mindsets.

Logistics and transportation mobile app development is the medium the key players are opting to stay in sync with the latest requirement of staying in the market.

As there are various modes through which the goods are transported or stored, logistics and transportation app acts as a one stop shop for every requirement that are affiliated in the overall operation.

Diversity In On-Demand Logistics Mobile App Development


Below are the types of platform that can be housed under an on-demand logistics and transportation app. Though every platform serves different service, they are somehow linked to shifting goods from one place to another.


  • 3 PL

Third party logistics is the use of an external company to perform all or part of the company’s equipment management and product distribution functions.

Senders permanently outsource their logistics services, by collaborating with 3PL platforms. With these platforms, you can automate and increase sales, optimize shipments, and reduce your shipping costs.


  • Warehouse

People can find the best alternative to warehouses in the goods storage market. It connects people with extra storage space to people who need the space available. Renters register in this market and look for space by size, location, and type. They browse the best options and send a request to the host. If approved, they reserve that space online.

Marketplace such as storage can offer not only storage locations but also full-service storage, including pick-ups and deliveries. This is a win-win choice for both parties as hosts can find passive income and tenants can make a hassle free transit of their good, where they can store their items.

  • Freight

The freight is a platform that connects shippers and freight forwarders which offers the best shipping option, compares quotes, delivery details, and books online.

One of the crucial advantages of this type of platform is transparency. Importers, exporters, and shipping agents can compare shipping costs online with all expenses and details included and choose the most attractive options.

  • Crowdshipping

With the crowdshipping, businesses can reduce international shipping costs and deliver your items to expected destination with the help of verified transporters. The service providers offer their prices for delivery and the end-user can choose the option that suits best for them.


  • Trucking

Setting up a trucking marketplace features truck drivers on a platform. Senders have access to available trucks, their location, and freight quotes. Meanwhile, truck drivers have the opportunity to expand their businesses, earn extra income, and solve the problem of empty truck.


Integrations And Features Required For Logistics App Development

Turning towards the features and integration that simplify the overall logistics and transportation operation; below are factors explained in detail,

  • Automated tools for processing required documentation

The integration of your business with automated invoice processing software optimizes work with documents and invoices, improves data accuracy, and saves time and paperwork.

  • Integration of shipping and logistics APIs

Integration with the shipping and logistics APIs helps you to connect with popular carriers, buy labels, track packages, and insert customs information in shipments.

Some of the players provide shipping and tracking APIs that offer real-time updates, an estimated delivery date, real-time mail feedback, and brand tracking information and pages.

  • Integration of security tools

Security is essential in the logistics sector. Integration with security tools ensures the safety of transactions in your market. Usually, these tools are used for identity verification, criminal record and offender verification, and global watch list check.

Summing up

The uncovering of the profitability-based opportunities in a most competitive sector, logistics and transportation players need to make an incisive and bolder choice. The digital trends and the obligation of mobile app development in these upheavel will create an exceptional growth prospects for the new market entrants and restructure the current business model associated to logistics and transportation. Investing into a logistics and transportation mobile app development in both Android and iOS is best way to sustain the operational momentum. Moreover integration of above features would make your logistic business app smart enough to handle complex functions.

Panacea Infotech, a pioneering player in on-demand mobile app development company can assist you with effective app-based logistic business establishment and integration.

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