Although worldwide quarantine restrictions have been loosened over the past few months, resurgence in COVID-19 cases has led to a new way of measures to prevent the spread of the virus before winter. However, now that scientists have a higher level of knowledge of the nature of the COVID-19, it is more likely that these new rules will be under-served, as they were around the first time – pending any gross overgrowth in numbers.

However, this means that people in lockdown are still searching for content relevant to their current situation. We already discussed what businesses have learned about online marketing through the first phase of the pandemic. The constantly changing state of things should not create hurdles from maintaining something close to the content schedule.

But depending upon the knowledge we have about this virus, and what content strategies have worked during the pandemic, a lot can be done to prepare your business for the winter ahead. Four major points are considered here.

A survey conducted by Mckinsey found that:

  • 90% of sales are now happening via telephone, video conferencing and web
  • B2b companies see digital interactions as more important than traditional selling

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The requirement of aggressive content marketing strategy amid crisis:

Right now, there is a common question in the mind of every marketer: how should we discuss COVID-19 … or should our business share some content related to the first? If we do, how will the business visible to my customers? How much should we put our penny in discussing coronavirus? Can we strategize our content in the best way?

These are incredibly reasonable questions to ask, and a lot of answers depend on what you want to achieve with content marketing.

Content marketing is essential for almost types of online business. However, anything is only as good as the target behind it. So before researching content, please ask these questions collectively as a team or business.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Traditionally, Thanksgiving Weekend has big-ticket tickets for big savings, with consumers spending almost the entire holiday. But Turkey Day is advancing rapidly, with many consumers not even sure how (or if) they will be able to see the family safely. The store will have to develop new methods to cater to the benefit from the occasion and offer its customers the discount they are looking for. Fortunately for almost all businesses, this mainly means giving their online offerings a shot in the arm.

Amid this huge global economic downturn; however, it would make sense for businesses to watch the content around sales and promotional offers very carefully. The products you want to sell at a discount may have to be changed to meet different customer demands and will continue at the time of the pandemic. As a result, writing copy will emphasize your business’s reasons, help potential customers get their eye on your motivation, and demonstrate a broader understanding of consumer needs.

Emotional content

Going beyond Thanksgiving, the second focal point of your fourth-quarter content marketing campaign will likely be Christmas. Still, this festive season will require a different approach from previous years. Specifically, as Drum explains, “how brands give back to communities and people will make a big impact on shoppers this year.” This means that the way you write your Christmas content is also the research written to determine the keywords you write.

Beyond the economic impact, everyone feels a bit depressed due to a pandemic that is highly likely to shift consumer behavior; people are likely to reevaluate what is important to them at this time of year. Friends and family are unlikely to see as they would be in normal condition.

Christmas means that your business’s content should be well-written and taken seriously to look upon. Well, Retail Week recently reported that nearly two-thirds of shoppers are more willing to “explore new products” this time of year, so it is important to combine emotional appeal with consumer appeal at any given time.

This is not only implied to customer-facing companies; however, it is easy to forget that real people are responsible for a business decision. Emotionally driven B2B content has been widely discussed and strongly recommended in the wake of the epidemic. A LinkedIn discussion in early May stated that “B2B audiences share the same core priorities and are interested in seeing their personal experiences reflected in the content.”

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Video content

The most concrete form of emotionally driven content that your brand can combine for the holidays is via video, which has seen a vast boost in viewing time since the onset of the epidemic. This has been the case in all regions, and eConsultancy reports suggest that video advertising spending has increased by 60% and 74% since the epidemic began.

However, it is no more crucial to initiate easily digestible video content to advertise your products, explain your brands’ values, and give people something that they love the watch. When you have completed the final cut, your work will not happen – if you want your videos to be seen, it is necessary to optimize your video content carefully.

Tutorial and explanation

From makeup tutorials and guides to creating your facemask, step-by-step advice to develop new skills, video content has been specifically beneficial during a lockdown. People spend time finding time and new ways to Discover and become DIY learning resources. Most businesses and most of the search terms – which YouTube has publicly claimed are “amazing” in their consistency – are primarily meant to revolve around the new boy or counter mechanism.

These include baking (especially sourdough), yoga and guided meditation, and home improvement, which will all be useful in low fraud times but are now particularly focused. According to the likes of Nike and DoubleTree Hotels, brands providing such content are working on the act to find their budgets and strategies, with searchers needing such useful content. With no clear end for the most recent round of restrictions, videos of this nature are likely to remain an excellent entry point to bring new customers to your brand, so finding a relevant topic will help you get through the holidays.

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