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Event Management

The Finest Way to Simplify Event Management

About App

Event management is challenging as well as time-consuming task. Paperwork makes it more complicated and tiresome. Though it is not wrong to make a plan on the paper and execute it accordingly, there can be a better way to streamline and simplify the entire process of event management.

  • Event Registration
  • Event Invitation

Feature List of the App

  • Contact management – Import, export, manage and update all contacts.
  • Event calender for displaying upcoming events.
  • Generate QR code for each registration.
  • Set-up recurring events & track on-going events.
  • Create a clone of the existing event.
  • Display location on the map.

Other Highlights

Event management app makes event management easy and fast.

  • Promote events on social media.
  • Send email notification.
  • View and register for private events.
  • Display attendees list.

"Event management app makes event management process easy and fast. Now manage your events on the go!"