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Changing clothes is a bothersome as well as an important thing for buyers. It doesn't seem an issue at a physical store, but when it comes to buying clothes online, one can not evaluate the quality of clothes in terms of fitting, style, and color. Virtual Dressing Room app provides buyers with a virtual trial room to try various clothes by positioning them on their virtual self to choose and order the best fit.

Virtual Dressing app allows users to try clothes on their virtual self in a matter of seconds. We have built this app by combining the accuracy and experience of the real shopping with simplicity and speed of online shopping, wrapped in a fashion social network.

With this app, users can choose a virtual model and start trying on thousands of different clothes that match their style and fit. Furthermore, users can create their perfect outfit and share it with their friends.

Using this app, you can reduce the number of returns, increase your product sales, achieve customers loyalty & enhance sociability. Connect your online store to Virtual Dressing App, upload clothes and manage your audience efficiently.

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