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Outsourcing is a process in which a company contracts out its major functions to an efficient and specialized IT service provider. This can be anything from development to infrastructure and support to maintenance.

Why Outsource?

The business scenario for outsourcing varies by situation, but reasons for outsourcing usually comprise few or many of the following:

  • Control and reduce operational expenses
  • Improve corporation focus
  • Make internal resources free for another gain
  • Shortage of skilled resources
  • Get access to world-class solutions and expertise
  • Enhance competitiveness and manage core functions

IT outsourcing is the most viable and cost-effective option for the companies who want to enhance efficiency and grow rapidly using technology, but unable to achieve this objective due to limited budget and lack of resources.

Do You Have a Doubt?

Though the benefits of outsourcing are apparent, many companies hesitate to opt for outsourcing due to some misconceptions associated with its reliability, transparency, efficiency of resources, data security and quality. Panacea clears all your doubts with its unique approach and provides you with advanced IT outsourcing services that help you to leverage all the benefits of outsourcing and realize your business goals successfully.

We Deliver the Better for Less
FACT 1. End-to-end IT Services

Most of the companies looking for a one-stop-shop service provider to fulfill all their IT needs. With our wide range of IT services and technology stack, we ensure to cater your simple to complex technology need successfully. From ideation to execution, we add value at every stage of product development, migration, support, and maintenance.

  • A wide range of IT services.
  • Comprehensive technology stack.
  • Support and Maintenance.
FACT 2. Complete Transparency

Transparency is one of the biggest concern when companies planning to hire an outsourcing partner. We provide you with the opportunity to get access to the experts working on your project, hence you can acknowledge the progress of your project whenever you want.

  • Direct access to developers.
  • Client has oversight on the amount he is paying and delivered result.
FACT 3. Highly Productive and Talented IT Experts

We deploy only skilled and experienced IT professionals on your project. Our developers make sure to maintain code quality and rectify errors with independent testing and quality check.

  • Experienced and productive developers.
  • Developers work under seniors' supervision.
  • Independent QA and testing for bug-free project delivery.
FACT 4. Outsourcing for SMEs

70% of our clients are startups and medium size companies. We have proven record of being a reliable partner in developing and maintaining complex systems by leveraging scalability, availability and flexibility of resources in a cost-effective way.

  • Served more than 200 SMEs.
FACT 5. Easy Communication

At Panacea, the client can communicate with the outsourcing team easily using advanced communication mediums such as video calling, email, phone and skype etc.

  • Seamless communication between client and developers.
  • Various means of communication for uninterrupted interaction.
  • Timely reporting about project progress.
FACT 6. Control Over Team

With Panacea, it's easy to manage the team working on your project regardless your location. As you get access to the team members, you can get in touch with them anytime and manage the team the way you want.

  • Manage team easily from any location.
  • Direct access to developers working on your project.
  • Manage team the way you manage your own team.
FACT 7. Faster Time to Market

As we have been serving many startups for more than 10 years, we understand the value of time. We ensure to fulfill your requirements within the decided time span. We make sure to keep our developers focused on their task and initialize flawless communication between clients and developers.

  • Perfect IT infrastructure.
  • Efficient development workforce.
  • Timely Delivery.
FACT 8. Data Security and intellectual property rights

Data security has become a prime concern for many organizations like never before. Once you sign a contract with Panacea, we take responsibility of your data security and intellectual property rights.

  • Contract in compliance with the law and regulation of respective region.
  • Implementation of all possible measures of data security.
FACT 9. Wider Technology Span to addresses all your technology needs

Our expertise lies in a wide range of technologies ranging from web, mobile, cloud and enterprise. From website to mobile app and enterprise-wide CMS to cloud platforms, we cover all your technology needs.

Why Panacea?

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