Creating a great business app isn’t just about using code; it’s about creating the right thing. This includes providing assistance with the app, encouraging people to use it, and, most importantly, communicating the value proposition to senior management around the bonus. In today’s world, companies need tech nerds not only to understand the technical aspects of business applications but also to communicate with the company, from requirements gathering to the presentation of the final product.

As mobile app development is turning out to be key path towards building effective and profitable business model. No matter which platform you prefer to chase it, adopting to latest tech is most essential in the whole journey. It is challenging to find candidates with specialized communication skills and who are technically competent. No machine learning algorithm can solve this. Platforms like OutSystems do not replace the traditional programmer idea; they equip tomorrow’s information technology developers with even more skills, so organizations in all sectors can do more with less.

Best Practices For OutSystems Mobile App Development To Consider

  • Choose low-code OutSystems instead of JavaScript

Unlike OutSystems’ web development, which runs everything on the server, in mobile development, client actions are running on the device. So try to use Javascript as much as possible.

  • Create an empty state for the retrieved content

This is part of the usability of the end-user to avoid showing empty items on the screen. You can create a blank report while your data/content is being retrieved, either in data actions or aggregates. You will always find the IsDataFetched property that can be used to manage this empty state.

  • Design lightweight local storage

When you try to copy the same structure that you have on a server entity to local storage, OutSystems warns you that you shouldn’t. Local storage does not have to have the same structure as the server-side. You should try to denormalize local storage and keep it as low as possible to avoid complex queries and also to avoid any JOINs. High-end devices can handle more data and have more processing power, but low-end devices are likely to struggle if the developer doesn’t care how local storage is built. Local storage must be a simplified version of the server database.

  • Troubleshoot

If you’ve worked with OutSystems mobile, you know that troubleshooting can be difficult if you don’t think about it before. Before you have a steady version of your app, it’s good to have a way to see your local storage data.

Looking For Low Code-Based App Development Solutions?

OutSystems refers to a low code platform, which means that it allows us app development without having to write them in standard programming languages. The platform helps to develop applications visually to work with workflows. OutSystems generates a piece of code for each action you perform on the platform. This has certain advantages, and these advantages are one of the reasons why we should focus on and understand best practices. OutSystems is the one that creates the code and can do a lot of optimization, which requires a lot more work and knowledge if the developers want to do it in standard languages.

If you have a concept or an idea to share, Panacea Infotech can assist you and your business to get established by adopting transformation strategy linked to digitization. We offer a simplified low code platform for mobile app development to avoid getting into complex coding.

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