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The only thing as robust as our work ethic is our infrastructure. We have well-architectured and highly secure infrastructure. We provide ideal environment for our skilled professionals engaged in activities such as web development, website designing and mobile application development. Our work place is fully equipped with all services and support.

Our infrastructure enable us to make sure the right balance of work. We have designed our work place smartly to perform different activities such as interaction, meetings and conference. We have separate seating areas for our business, technical and creative units along with privately-held area for server room.

24×7 Power Backup

Let’s face it! The power supply in this part of the world isn’t the most reliable. Having second thoughts already? Fear not – The development center at PIPL never suffers a blackout, thanks to the presence of a UPS-powered backup system that ensures our system’s run round.

Hardware and Software

We have the finest hardware and software environment that incorporates the latest hardware and software available for working long with license software.

Comm. system and reporting

We maintain high level of project transparency for ongoing project management using highly effective advanced communication channels. We have a strong internal communication system for monitoring the projects. Our experts guides our clients on every step of their project. We provide easily accessible and prompt feedback and review facility along with round the clock support of communication.

Powered packed Online Servers

We have an 12 Mbps lease line available with backup of 2 Mbps broadband connection. Our service network includes proxy server for internet sharing, web server, mail server and antivirus server.


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Project Planner

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