Nobody used to know that ordering the food and getting its delivery would be such easy. In the past, Calling a restaurant and ordering food used to be tedious. You can catch up, and often you have to talk even considering the background noise of highly populated restaurants. Also, reading your credit card number in this generation looks incredibly old school. Who knows who can stop your conversation? Thankfully, at the age of the app, the order can be placed for delivery of food instantly in few steps by tapping on the screen. No matter what cause you are looking forward to ordering snacks or lunch or either dinner, food delivery apps are here to kill your hunger. Here are the top picks of food delivery apps in the USA in 2019:


The delivery apps below can lower down a human to human contacts and initiates in trying new restaurants and foods. The app will show hundreds of restaurants just you give input of location of your area. We have shown up the best food delivery app which will efficiently delivery your directly on your doorstep.

Uber Eats :

The Uber Eats is an individual delivery app which is currently serving in various cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Like people have trust in uber cars which drive safely on board, they also trust Uber Eats to deliver your food. While UberEats and Uber are separate apps but they share various features like estimated time of delivery and cashless transactions.


Uber Eats is available in Austin, Baltimore, Portland, USA, India, Amsterdam, and various other locations across the globe. They deliver free or usually charge an average of $5 for the delivery.


GrubHub has the availability in more than 900 cities across the globe. This app is available in both the iOS and Android platform. GrubHub shows all the restaurants in your area; all you need to do is to enter the location.


The app has the option to search the food or restaurants as per the cuisine or through a specific menu item. One can also save delivery locations, like work or home for making the process faster.


Seamless is probably the most suitable name of mobile software in this list. Not only the app offers menus from thousands of restaurants and offers exclusive in-app discounts, but it also gives free delivery and enables the orders in just a few steps.


It has its robust availability in more than 600 cities in the USA and across the globe. There is often a minimum order barrier in seamless, but they do not charge anything for delivery.


One big thing about using the delivery app is that it usually has a cashless transaction. Usually, the food delivers apps accept major payment options like Apple Pay, PayPal and credit card but Foodler accepts two other payment methods, i.e., Bitcoin and Foodler bucks. Moreover, added to be a delivery service, Foodler also has an underlying rewards program that allows the one to earn free cost meals.


The Foodler is available in 4000 US cities, but have few restaurants on the list when it comes to cities of USA. Restaurants may charge the delivery fee, but usually, an app is free to use.


Doordash is smaller than other apps like GrubHub or Seamless, but it offers unique features like DoorDash delight scoring system which is fantastic. “Delight Score” uses factors such as food quality, the popularity of the restaurant, delivery time and customer satisfaction to recommend the best restaurant in the area.


The availability of the DoorDash is in dozens which include Seattle, Boston, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta, etc. The delivery fees vary by restaurants. Price usually includes the cost of your food, tax, delivery fees, and an optional tip. Some restaurants charge extra service fees.


Postmates are slightly different in our list than other food delivery services. First of all, one can get more than simply food. Postmates is a delivery service which delivers anything from just about anywhere and carries it to your door, even liquor. As postmates do not associate with any restaurants, the only thing that you limit is your location.


They are currently present in more than 90 US cities. A charge has been added to each order, and additional blitz pricing charges may also be added during extreme delivery time. Postmates also avails plus unlimited services at 10 dollars every month, which allows free delivery for a selective store on orders of 25$ or above.


While various food-delivery apps work as an intermediary between customer and restaurants, goPuff works like an easy digital store. GoPuff offers delivery of various products right from phone chargers to bathroom tissues. It even delivers vaporizers and so on. They have a long list of items and a robust database.


This app works efficiently in Boston, Washington, Phoenix, Seattle, Chicago and various other locations across united states. They are also looking forward to expanding their service shortly. The app is free to use, but when falling within one of the 30-minute on-demand delivery zones, goPuff charges $ 2 for delivery. They deliver free if you order more than 49$.


All delivery services in this list have some forms of a rating system. Of course, no other review systems is almost as h3 as the Yelp has been provided by 24. Developed on years of reviews, yelp 24 stands tall in the competition. You have trusted Yelp to choose a restaurant; Now you can count on it to give your dinner.


They are currently available in more than 1500 US cities. The app is free, but restaurants charge a delivery fee and have no minimum order barrier.

DELIVERY.COM is a delivery service which goes beyond the menu. You can get your laundry with lunch, groceries, a bottle of wine, by this app. Like Grub and Seamless, does not charge you to use its service. Instead, the company makes a small percentage of your pre-trip subtotal and makes money.


They are available with dozens of cities in the USA. The app costs nothing to use, but restaurants charge the fee on delivery and have a minimum order.


Undoubtedly, these food delivery apps are tech-driven and ease the people’s life through online food delivery. These apps are the need of an hour. We, at panacea have highly experienced and skilled developers who develop full stack food delivery app as per the business needs that makes us best

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