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Panaceatek Platforms

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Check Out Panaceatek's Innovative Platforms We Use to Create Meaningful Futures.

Cloud based Platform

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is considered the most fully integrated and commonly used cloud platform worldwide. Amazon Web Services provide some of the cutting-edge cloud services. These are CloudTrail, Relational Database Service, AWS Key Management Service, AWS Data Transfer, Simple Storage Service, Virtual Private Cloud, and many more. Our Cloud-based AWS services serve: Seamless add/remove management with centralized management and billing, a simple registration process, access to infinite capacity, and many more.

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Amazon Connect

Panaceatek offers an adaptable Amazon Connect service that prevails with cloud-based technology. Many business enterprises still need to work on traditional contact center platforms, which face many difficulties, such as integrating systems with new technologies. However, the Platform is needed to be maintained with skilled professionals with less time interval. While connecting with Panaceatek, Amazon Connect offers a cloud-based scalable support center service that offers convenience.

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Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is one of the greatest advancements in computer technology. It is an internet-based technology where end users benefit most with economic set-up, low maintenance, and minimum-security concerns. We leverage our expertise in cloud computing to improve your business. We offer affordable cloud computing solutions that meet your business requirements.

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Panaceatek NetSuite ERP solution helps business management to simplify their data and access from anywhere, anytime, without difficulties managing computing infrastructure.

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eCommerce based Platform


Our top-notch Magento services are available for your e-commerce platforms. Magento is a superb PHP-based e-commerce platform that lets you provide an excellent experience to your client's past order management and shopping to enclose payment, email, mobile, and more. Numerous well-known companies have incorporated Magento-based services to stay ahead of the competition.

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Organizations all around the world need a fully functional eCommerce site. Shopify can offer all the sales features you require through a single platform. Business firms may sell goods to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and manage orders, shipping, and payments from a single dashboard. Shopify facilitates organizational growth through data knowledge and understanding.

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Woo Commerce

Tailor your online business to your specific brand and audience by integrating any ERP, Apps, and CRMs. Our enumerative range of services is constantly customized to each client's needs to maximize their WooCommerce store.

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Salesforce Consulting

We provide a comprehensive approach to understanding our client's short and long-term objectives thoroughly. Our team of Salesforce-certified consultants has 25 years of expertise in facilitating implementations and training. We are adept at guiding clients through the new implementation process, including requirements gathering, configuration, and custom development. We can also provide a comprehensive health analysis of current or more mature implementations in highly customized environments identifying potential areas of improvement.

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SAP Commerce

Data such as product information is organized by SAP Commerce so that it may be distributed consistently and effectively across various communication channels, which makes it possible for companies to offer their goods through many distribution channels. We work with our customers to solve tough company challenges, stimulate innovation, and assist them in adapting to changing market conditions. We accomplish this by leveraging the SAP product suite.

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BIG Commerce

Our extensive list of BigCommerce platforms empowers your e-commerce industry by integrating innovative BigCommerce solutions.

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Development based Platform


We, at Panaceatek, take pride in coming out as a top-end OutSystems Platform. We line up partnerships with significant market players and bring in customized applications within a reasonable budget. Forming an alliance with OutSystems has made us come up with an array of tailor-made and innovative apps that can be easily brought into play.

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More based Platform


We collaborate with our customers to help them adapt to changing market environments by solving complex business challenges and driving innovation by leveraging the SAP product suite. We accelerate the “intelligent enterprise” journey with  Panaceatek pre-configured solutions and help customers unlock the value of SAP solutions. Our unique support models help customers lower SAP operating costs.

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Oracle is best known for its flagship product, the Oracle Database, a high-performance, scalable, and secure relational database management system. It is the backbone for many critical applications and supports structured and unstructured data.

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Launched in 2004, Panacea Infotech is a premier digital partner for many businesses worldwide, with years of expertise in delivering cutting-edge digital solutions in various platforms that revolutionize how businesses operate in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. With a deep understanding of the latest technologies and industry trends, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative digital marketing solutions that drive growth and enhance efficiency for our clients.

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