The requirement of the project was to recreate entire website in different technology which is now developed in Joomla with improved security and, user and admin experience. The concept of the website is to serve as a single point of source for the database. Here, the database is basically a collection of data related to migrants in Australia seeking for a visa. The site is used by the agents who are legally registered with the MARA (Migration Agent Registration Authority) and subscribed with the site for membership. The database is maintained by the admin which is viewable, downloadable, and printable for the member agent.

Awesome Feature
  • Multi-user platform.
  • User-friendly front-end interface.
  • Registration and Login.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Easy to handle admin panel.
  • Design: Design was needed to be very official with decent theme. We are very proud to say that we met client’s expectations much efficiently.
  • Changing requirement: We also dealt very decently and sensibly with changing requirement of the client when it came to functionality of the website.
  • Developing a single panel where user can operate and perform their functionality.
  • Site navigation and internet penetration.
  • Manage Server, Storage, Database, Data transfer, Support plan & Subscription from admin side.
  • Database indexing to make search faster.

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