AbridgeMe App

AbridgeMe App

AbridgeMe is a news app that delivers fact-based stories and happenings in the form of news summaries to help users stay informed with latest news and happening around the world. Users can find every important news story ranging from disputes, wars, health, sports and more.
AbridgeMe offers unbiased news summaries written by experts. With AbridgeMe, you will find all important news updates in your pocket and always stay informed with the latest happenings.

Awesome Feature
  • Clean and concise news summaries to read the news within few seconds.
  • Easily find and read the latest news as well as world’s most discussed reference topics.
  • Share your favorite news summaries with others.
  • Swipe right and left to go to the next news.
  • Increase your knowledge by hitting the random button.
  • Go deep by diving into the latest news articles related to certain topic.
  • Integration of several news categories with certain features.
  • Developing swipe functionality.
  • Creation of user-friendly interface that showcase different news categories.

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