Bitcoins website

Bitcoins website

This website provides a platform that allows users to manage the bitcoin transactions i.e. buying, selling and maintaining bitcoins. The website features a platform where users can buy, sell and trade their bitcoins. The website enables people from different countries to exchange their local currency to bitcoins. Users can post advertisements where they can specify exchange rate and payment methods for buying or selling bitcoins. Interested users, can reply to these advertisements and arrange the meeting with the respective person to buy bitcoins or trade directly via online banking. Bitcoins are placed in website’s web wallet from where users can pay for bitcoin purchase directly from the site.

Awesome Feature
  • Buy, sell and maintain bitcoins.
  • Exchange local currency with bitcoins.
  • Post an advertisement.
  • Pay directly via online baking.
  • Block-chain API integration.
  • Currency comparison functionality implementation.
  • Currency Transformation.
  • Dynamic cost calculation on the basis of attribute selection.
  • Managing all user profiles.
  • Advertorials management and arrangement in database.
  • Language translation between various language switching.
  • Matching offers for all the available countries and currencies.
  • Maintaining all the statistical information for each user and generate appropriate statistical reports.

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