The idea behind the project was to develop an ordering, inventory, and accounting system for wine sales. The system features 3 types of users. Agent, office person and accountant. The system allows the agent to see the available stock of wine and place an order. The office person creates an invoice for a particular order, change the quantity of placed order as per the request of the agent, take order from the customer directly and transfer a particular client to other agents for a certain period of time. The site enables accountant to view the sales report for each month. The admin of the site can manage the site easily with its user-friendly admin panel. He can create/modify users, specify user-rights to the users of the site, create invoice for a particular order, change/edit quantity for placed order as per agent’s request, create customers and assign them to the agents, add wine manufacturers and their products, set/change purchase prices and more.

Awesome Feature
  • Different access for different users.
  • Agent functionality.
  • Office person functionality.
  • Accountant functionality.
  • Order tracking.
  • Manage everything from user-friendly admin panel.

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