This is a reverse auction website that allows employers to post their requirements and dealers to bid over them. The lowest bid bags the project.

The main purpose of this website is to build a platform where its users can interact i.e. the employers and dealers can communicate with each other. Hence, the major functionalities for user interactions such as live chat, QNA board, and FAQ are integrated into the system.

Awesome Feature
  • Registration: Separate for dealers and employers.
  • Post Requirement: Users posts the requirements on the website with all the required parameters.
  • Bid on the project: Dealers can place the bid on the project depending on the basis of requirement posted by the employer.
  • Messaging system: The employer can communicate with the dealer to discuss the project in detail.
  • Communication functionality/ messaging system.
  • Implementing user-friendly dashboard for both the customer and repairer.
  • Providing ease of posting requirements.

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