This is the website that provides community service in the field of the law. It is a lawyer application where different lawyers/attorneys are assigned certain zip codes as per their area of practice. Users/Clients of these lawyers can post their queries or find the right lawyer on this website. The queries or issues of the users are allocated to the chosen Lawyers according to their area zip codes. Apart form helping lawyers to get clients, the website allows lawyers to offer their law books and other law related stuff for sale.

Awesome Feature
  • Live interaction with the lawyers in a private and secure manner through CometChat.
  • ‘Compassion = Equanimity’, a platform for lawyers to seek knowledge of spirituality.
  • Users can view the website in more than 100 languages.
  • Users can host conference calling through the CometChat.
  • iFund Justice- facility for the users/clients who want to avail the Chosen lawyer but unable to get this facility due to lack of money. Others can provide a helping hand to such kind of people.
  • Allocation of a single lawyer according to zip-code and practice area.
  • To maintain CometChat on the ruby on rails.
  • Automatic notification to the users regarding lawyers availability in their area.

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