Color Visualizing tool

Color Visualizing tool

The concept of the project was to develop a Color Visualization tool with WordPress platform which will provide users with the visualizing service to view two portions of their houses in 32 different colors and 3 different textures. The site provides users with the three images. Users have to choose one of those images and select the area that they want to customize. Based on the selected area, textures and ceiling under-deck shown up to the users. After this, the site enables users to select texture and colors from the available options. Furthermore, users can select their choice of colors for different areas. Finally, users can save the customized image and send it for the printing.

Awesome Feature
  • Area Selection: - User can select different area for selecting color combination.
  • Texture: - User can select different textures with different effect.
  • Color: - User can select different textures.
  • 3D Effect: - Color Visualizer presents design in 3D effect­.
  • Save image.
  • Send customized image via email.

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