Crowdfunding Website

Crowdfunding Website

This is a crowdfunding website that targets three types of users including fundraiser, donor and buyer. The site allows fundraiser to create a campaign and raise fund for particular cause/requirement/reason. Once the campaign is launched, the fundraiser can raise the awareness about the campaign by promoting it via social media and email. The site enables donors to see various campaigns and choose the one that they are interested in. After selecting the campaign, donors can donate directly from the site by making payment via payment gateway. Once the campaign is completed, fundraiser gets the money.
Apart from the donation, users can use the site for the sole purpose of buying and sending gifts. The site allows donors to select and send e-cards or other gifts instead of donating to the FR campaign.

Awesome Feature
  • Create campaign for fundraising.
  • Promote campaign via social media and email.
  • Make payment directly on the site via payment gateway.
  • QR code API integration.
  • Repeated design change by client.
  • Facebook picture import functionality integration.
  • Gift card functionality implementation.
  • Zendesk Design integration for contact us.

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