This website is a connecting platform between the Cryptocurrency businessmen and enthusiasts who wants to trade with digital coins like bitcoins exchange, litecoins, etc. and is designed with a clear interface where businessmen can publish and maintain their profile so that enthusiast can filter out the best businessmen with whom they want to trade. includes an appropriate chat option and an internal messaging system where both seller and buyer can have the conversation. Here the profile users can add their bank detail or wallet address so that trader can do the transaction.

Awesome Feature
  • Convenient to create cryptotraders profile and publish it.
  • Easy rates entry for different crypto coins.
  • Amazing Chatting options between traders.
  • An Outstanding internal messaging system with the online and offline mode.
  • Traders can send the request to people for doing a business.
  • One of the prime challenge was to switch the communication from online to offline.
  • Developing a recurring payment system with two payment modes (Online and Offline) that can only be changed by administrator.

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