Dlvr4All is a revolutionary app developed to make your life easier with instant delivery from any place to any place such as road assistance, towing & marine service. It’s a platform which connects the mates who are looking for the services with Stars who deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minimal time. A platform built with amazing functionality where mate will request for service order by filling up the required details such as category, pick-up location and drop-off location and the system will find the nearest star based on GPS locations and ultimately send the mate request to the star.

Awesome Feature
  • Connect delivery professional with mate for instant delivery from any place to any place
  • Schedule the delivery at your convenient time and location
  • Get roadside assistance for flat tire repair, towing, battery repair and fuel gas delivery
  • Order anything from food to medicine
  • Dlvr4All express delivery – Instant goods delivery at your doorstep
  • Boat shipping assistance from your home to the coast or vice versa
  • Implementation of Vehicle Tracking System

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