EATCERY is an application of restaurant marketplace launched for both iOS and android platforms where customers can order the food from their favorite restaurant online. It’s a platform which builds a win-win situation for both customer and restaurant owners as the customer can choose the best restaurants for ordering their favorite dishes and restaurant owners can expand their business online in order to earn more revenue. Further, this application gives the freedom to restaurant owners to receive pre-order and in-restaurants owners.

Awesome Feature
  • Personalized user-friendly dashboards for customer and restaurant owner
  • The user can grab an UBER ride if the order is placed successfully
  • Application is integrated with JodaPay, a payment gateway and Pilvo for SMS services
  • Allowing the restaurant owner to receive pre-order and in-restaurant orders
  • Geo-fencing feature to retrieve the best and nearest set of restaurants
  • Affiliate program, where customer can see their promo code and share it with their friends to redeem £4
  • Creating an attractive and great application design
  • Build an application that stands out of the crowd in UK market
  • Implementing the auto-search functionality which shows both the exact and nearby restaurant locations
  • Creating a functionality where nearest restaurant location should be seen first

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