This is mobile based “Dating website” comprises of User and Affiliate as the main users of the website. Affiliates and users can registers using their mobile number which acts as a primary key for the registration, provided that they need to verify their mobile number using the OTP functionality. The user can become an Affiliate and Affiliate can become a User as well, but they need to do the separate registration for the different roles. The user can register for affiliate using the same mobile number as well, and same with the Affiliate as well. The user will be able to search the affiliates near to his/her location and can choose the affiliate with whom he/she wants to go for a date, after successful payment done, user and affiliate can chat as well. Also, User can create the dating tasks and affiliate makes an offer for it, once the user accepts the offer, user does the payment for the affiliates offer and they can chat using chat functionality and eventually go for a date.

Awesome Feature
  • User registration [Using mobile number and OTP as a password]
  • Affiliate registration [Using mobile number and OTP as a password]
  • User Login [Using registered mobile number]
  • Affiliate Login [Using registered mobile number]
  • Create a Task and Assign Task
  • Make an Offer [By Affiliate]
  • Google Map Integration
  • Chat functionality Integration
  • Payment gateway Integration
  • SMS API Integration
  • Reviews and Rating
  • Notifications
  • Client was very peculiar in terms was design, so to manage the design aspects was a big challenge.

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