This is a social media site for song artists. The whole community of artists, promoters, and brands can come to this site to share their love for songs and composing. Artists or users can create their social profiles to upload tracks and share them with the other people.
Artists can join many other artists and create a band or a promotional profile. The system is a paid service which means users have to pay for the profile usage and subscription. They can launch events to invite people for watching their performances and whosoever is coming can do RSVP via third party booking.

Awesome Feature
  • Profile creation for artists, brands and promoters.
  • Users can upload, download and share tracks.
  • It consists of email subscription plan for profile registration.
  • A user can create events for letting others book events by third party booking system.
  • Implementing user-friendly dashboard for artists to show timeline for the new posts and sharing. We laid out the system as per client expectation which we read in the number of meetings.
  • One challenge we faced was with the track player.

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