GET style, a perfect beauty treatment marketplace where the supplier will be offering various beauty services like nail, facial, massage, face clean and skin cure. Here the customer can select and book a salon which they find the best. The website is designed with a friendly search bar and perfect dashboard for service provider and customer.

Awesome Feature
  • Marker Drag and Drop functionality for address locator on Google Map.
  • The Seller can add multiple skills to their profile.
  • Generates dynamic questionnaire along with their respective answers.
  • The Seller can manage the resource through calendar planner at any point of time.
  • A beauty parlor Sellers Profile picture can be cropped according to aspect ratios.
  • Management of Multiple salon and DBMS for the website.
  • Venue availability and master's availability at the time of customers’ bookings.
  • Accomplishment of Resource through Google Calendar.

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