GPS Route Tracker

GPS Route Tracker

This app enables users to find the distance between two places on the map and also get the Route Direction in detail with the option of “walk” or “driving a car”. It will also help in showing multiple paths/routes on the map with detailed information like the amount of distance travelled and estimated time for the same. Users can find nearby Restaurants, ATM, Airport, Bank, Bar, Beauty Salon, Bus Station, Cafe, Casino, Church, Doctor, Electrician, Food, Gym, Hospital, Library, Movie Theaters, Park, Police Station, Post Office, School, and Shopping Mall etc. Users can also find all the above-mentioned places in the map with pinpoints where the complete address and directions from the current location can be viewed. The App is useful for Marathon Runners to keep track of location, distance travelled, average speed and time taken.

Awesome Feature
  • Track location from start to end.
  • Record the tracking details of past routes which include start time, end time, duration and distance.
  • Share direction via Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
  • Choose Map type either standard or satellite.
  • Find the distance between two places and also get direction from source to destination with detailed information.
  • Use GPS to map your running, walking and cycling routes.

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