Hello Mundo

Hello Mundo

The Challenges

  • Coordination of time
  • Integration of different social & voice media
  • Restricting the preview time
  • Hiding the providers details

The Panacea Infotech – Our Approach


For Development and implementation of the website our team has gone through various ups and downs to achieve proper requirements of the client. Our development team has done the search and analysis of the related sites and how to restrict the users from getting each other’s detailed description. Since, if the details are provided then they can start personal chat without paying the website. There was a lot of research done for restricting the preview time.


Agile model is used for development. Website has gone through various development and testing phases to achieve proper working of the system. For Database management MySQL technology is used to maintain the security and efficiency in database management. Testing was done thoroughly to find any bug. Quality Analysis and development department has put lot of efforts for it to work effectively and in proper way as decided. It has also gone through various testing phases for proper functionality and Different browser compatibility.

Awesome Feature

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