HelpFundUSA is a crowdfunding portal where users can create a fundraising event and gather necessary funds for greater cause like helping others or getting helped. The cause can be medical, educational, mortgage or loan help. Even it can be a help regarding celebration for a pal or grandpa. Nice! isn’t it?
Here in this site, a fundraiser organizes an event and choose a goal amount to be achieved within a particular time span. After creating an event, user can propagate his event to his relatives, friends and others acquaintances by using popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, or even using email. As the world works on generosity, generous and loving people fund the event and enable needy person to experience memorable life changing moments.

Awesome Feature
  • Create events easily.
  • Add event details.
  • Create events for various purposes.
  • Choose event goal amount and set time span.
  • Promote event by sharing it on social media.
  • Integration of two different payment gateways.
  • Template and theme design for campaign/event details page.

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