HokuMap App

HokuMap App

HokuMap is an amazing app that brings great offers and coupons to the users. It sets users free from searching the latest offers and coupons in their vicinity. Once users install HokuMap, they just have to explore offers and coupons in their location. If you are next to the great offer or a coupon, you will be notified immediately. After receiving the notifications, you can visit the venue and grab the offer by showing your mobile device to the relevant authority.
HokuMap helps you to know about the latest offers and coupons as soon as they are released. You can reach to them instantly before anyone else and save dollars. Enjoy hiking route, shopping route, tour route and more with HokuMap.

Awesome Feature
  • Get notified with the latest offers and coupons next to you.
  • Learn about great offers before the others.
  • Visit the venue, show the offer using your device and get benefited.
  • Plenty of categories to search various offers easily.
  • Save your favorite offer in the separate folder.
  • Developing location wise search functionality as per client's requirement.
  • Creating a system with interactive and user-friendly design.

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