It is difficult to find the right claim adjuster to settle the insurance claim. IADepot enables people to find claim adjuster at their fingertips. The platform provides claim adjusters with a new and competitive way to work and develop relationships with individuals and new firms. It is a reverse auction platform that enables individuals to post their assignments and hire claim adjusters at competitive rates. Claim adjusters can use this platform to place lucrative bids on the posted assignments and grab the job. Users can compare the bids to make the right selection.

Awesome Feature
  • Registration and login for both the claim adjusters and service seekers.
  • Various claim categories.
  • Post assignments.
  • Bid on assignments.
  • Compare bids.
  • Login via social media.
  • Availability of social signals on the site.
  • Design: Design phase has gone through many ups and downs as client’s requirement about the design was so much dynamic and finalized after much efforts.
  • Implementation of different categories for claim.
  • File encryption functionality for authentication.
  • Mobile API integration.
  • Social Media integration such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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