Ledlightsg App

Ledlightsg App

Ledlightsg is an ecommerce mobile app that makes it easy for its users to find and buy less expensive, yet high quality LED lights and tubes with just a few taps on their mobile. Whether you are looking for low-cost lights or tubes to replace with your old ones or need LED lights to cut your power bill or looking for cost-effective LED lights to decorate your place, Ledlightsg helps you to find and get the best quality LED lights in minimal cost at your fingertips.
Ledlightsg is an ecommerce platform that offers less expensive yet best in quality LED light products available in the market. Users simply have to log in into the app, select product from an appropriate product category, add products to the cart and checkout.

Awesome Feature
  • User-friendly front-end interface.
  • Product categories and product selection.
  • Product list.
  • Product comparison section to make the right choice.
  • Add to the cart.
  • Easy checkout.

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