Match Website

Match Website

Where Shall We meet is a dating website that allows its users to find individuals of their match for friendship, relationship etc. The website collects personal information of users and provides them with the list of people having similar interest. It maintains separate profile for each user and offer membership facility to access its crucial functionality. For the membership, users need to pay certain amount. The site allows instant messaging system to enables users chat online. The website is mobile responsive and can be viewed in English and Dutch language.

Awesome Feature
  • Secure registration and login.
  • Create profile.
  • Membership system.
  • Messaging system.
  • Design: Design phase gone through many ups and downs as client’s requirement for the design was unique and dynamic.
  • Arrow chart functionality implementation.
  • Implementing WSWM search criteria.
  • Site navigation and internet penetration.
  • Secure Payment gateway integration.
  • Manage Server, Storage, Database, Data transfer, Support plan & Offer Cost from admin side.
  • Database indexing to make search faster.

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