This is an online finance management platform where users can add all their financial information and keep proper management of all the added details. They can connect with professional users (predominantly from the financial domain) to consult and get the proper advice on their further financial activities. Users can update their finance related information on this platform including account balance, property, assets, loans, credit cards (debts) and bank accounts. This platform also allows professional users to bring in their own clients as users, leveraging the platform to help and advise them for better financial outcomes. Digital finance holds an enormous opportunity for greater financial inclusion and expansion of basic services.

Awesome Feature
  • Users able to manage their credit score, peer compare, cash/accounts, property, shares, assets, debts.
  • Users can add or remove multiple professionals and take their advice to apply for the loan.
  • Users can manage their bank accounts using yodlee.
  • Users can share files using dropbox.
  • Credit score using veda.
  • Able to see the current valuation of various assets like car from
  • Peer compare using Veda API.
  • Integration of dynamic graph showing the Networth.
  • Adding multiple assets like cars, property and having all different fields for the same.

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